Little Tasneem

I am not the mother of this child. But obviously, I got attached with her since we spent almost 24 hours/day together. When I gone for work like the whole day, she'll moaning to me cause did not spend time with me. Sorry dear.

Today, as usual after bathed, she wants to choose her own dress. So there you go, she picked one. Suddenly her father wants her to wear the jalan-jalan dress, he don't agree with the dress that she chose. I just ignored the father since she insisted very much to wear the usual dress. Her father also insist her to change. So, I need to convince her to wear the beautiful dress, not usual dress. At first, it is quite difficult for her to listen. But then I hugged her, I told her nicely, we need to listen to Abi. Today, you are going out with Abi, so you need to wear Abi's choice, but you will wear this dress (refer to usual dress she picked up) tomorrow with Mak Lang ok? She agreed.

Then, the pants. She used to wear the tight pants. So, as usual she picked the tight one, the pink as usual. I told her, this is not a nice pants to wear outside. You need to wear a proper pants and nice one. Let me see. So, I started to search the pants inside the wardrobe since she don't want the pants that her father picked for her. There you go, finally she's ok.

I learnt so many parenting skill now. It just so funny, I don't know when is my time, but yet Allah gave me opportunities to learn. Insyaallah, the experienced are very much need to absorb and act for it in future.


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