How memories fly

Let me share some memories in UK.

Favorite TV shows.

There are few others TV show, but I took these from the FB share post and I found it is interesting to share some of mine.

What about the supermarket? Or favorite shop? Well, these are some. There are many others such as 1 by 1 shop, NEXT, Sainsbury, but obviously Asda one of it that people might remember the most with the sound of chicken and cow. Haha! 

And one more thing, I am still wondering why in Malaysia we does not have shopping concept like Argos? Well, maybe there is I guess. Just don't know where exactly. Walah!

Do you remember the lifestyle during the era? I don't think it's happen only in UK. Its just we are living in the same world but different country. 

Do you remember that we used to play this game? 

I love to collect pen colors. When I was in UK, favorite place to find these pen colors are at bookstore like WHSmith or carboot, cheaper than any place.

Yoyo! You play it?

Solitare is the game to waste your waiting time or boring time. Well, at least its a game.

It is not only in cereal, it can be in any kind of foods or box that have toys inside.

Dial-up everyone?

We don't have digital camera yet. So, we used to use camera film to take the pictures.

It still fun! But cannot remember how to use it now? LOL

Well, during my high school, yes it is exactly look like the picture. Hehe! And it can be colourful chair sometimes. 

Alright! Guess that's all for tonight. Have a good and nice weekend. Don't work over hard, just work smart.


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