This week


This week was a taugh week for me. Dahlah tak berapa sihat. Then assignment yang banyak perlu diselesaikan. I just hope the week will be over soon. Hujan yang tak menentu and sometimes tak henti-henti, its effect my health. I cannot even focus in my test.

Balik rumah this weekend with the hope that all pain will be gone. Tapi nampak gayanya the pain is not an excuse for me not to start my revision. Seriously its killed my time and am regreting where I should not be. I already opened my book this afternoon and guess what? Annoying! Yeah. I could'nt even find the answers. Its really mad.

Alhough i decided to go back tomorrow, but then half of my hearts tell me not to go yet and the other half tell me to go back a.s.a.p so that I can focus and start on my revision. Am lazy already. I hate all these feeling. Oh my mood please be nice to me. Don't get mad or crazy yet.

Ada lagi nak diceritakan tetapi adakalanya perasaan itu harus disimpan. Mungkin Allah saja yang layak mendengar. Mungkin Allah saja yang lebih memahami. Cuma aku ingin katakan, seminggu ini hati rasa sedih, sayu dan kehilangan. Mungkin perasaan ini seketika dan barangkali nikmat senang itu diuji dengan perasaan ini. Moga aku dapat lalui hari-hari mendatang.


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