The Sadness

Ok. Today is Wednesday. 2.46 am and am still awake. Have been 2 days cannot sleep well. But different today. So emotional and cannot control it anymore. Its ok. Am just gonna let it go.

Since am so much alone lately I miiss home already. Missing mak and abah. Missing ben. I watch his picture and smile alone. I watch tasneem's picture, she looks cute and adorable.

I don't know how long am gonna hold this illness. Pray for me.

Some people say if u wanna know whether your friend has changed or not, u just need to act shit like u always do. Just to make a fight with each other. If the friend respond normal as he/she always do, then it should be a positive result. But it became negetive once your friend doesn't care anymore with your acted. Maybe tired of your annoying behavior? Haha. So your friend was changed.

Never mind. It just a theory. Even if its hurt, just pretend that life is ok and will be better. Yeah, am really tired now. Its been more than a week I hold the frustration, the sadness, but ony today it finally burst out like hell. Its make me even sick.

Ok. Lets try my best to sleep. Later.


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