From Kuantan With love


Currently at Kuantan. Holiday dengan family. Well, not really a holiday. Anggap sahaja begitu. Abah datang sini to give a lecture to his students. So, kami semua kira penyibuk saja. Aku lagilah. Haha! Adalah beberapa kali aku tak dapat ikut abah ke Kuantan sebab mesti clash dengan benda lain. Minggu ni, sepatutnya I planned to attend the wedding of my friend's brother's, but yet some friends don't want to follow. That's why I changed plan. Daripada aku pergi BP and yet am by myself, nak balik rumahpun family was not there, baiklah aku ikut mak abah pergi Kuantan ni. Dapatlah juga tengok Kuantan ni macamana. Travel is fun.

Amazing bila hotel ada free line internet. Everyone is checking-in via Facebook at their hotel. At the same time, customer is promoting your hotel to their friends. Jadi, provide a free wifi at your hotel. Jangan lokek sangat, rugi!

Yesterday (Jumaat) ada test Channels. Quite disappointing cause can't answer the paper very well. Bukan sebab tak ingat, the thing is I did not read every chapters and every topics. Maksudnya, yang aku tak dapat jawab semua sebab tak terbaca, even sekali imbas. So, it's like I have no idea about the questions asked. Sedihkan? Well, I deserve it. Final buat betul-betul. No more skipping the topics.

Currently am preparing for Marcom test Isnin petang. Takut. Khamis ada MR dan Jumaat ada Sales. Khamis present Channels and Isnin depannya pula present IM. Banyak tak? Pening juga kepala ni since too many things to do. Sangat-sangat banyak sampai terfikir, sempat ke nak habiskan semua benda sampai habis semester?

Haritu roomate tanya, apa azam baru tahun ni? Jawapan aku, nak belajar sungguh-sungguh. Wah, azam baru ke gitu? For me, checking your intention must be always updated. Tak perlu tunggu tahun baru. Tahun baru is just a reminder for us, what deed have you done for the sake of ummah, friends, our brother and sister, for the sake of Islam. How much do we give to Islam from the day we were born, until this moment? For me, still nothing. Macam lagi banyak benda lagha dari benda baik. Innalillah.

Apa-apapun, lets restart our good intention starting from today. Always positive and pessimist with anything happened in life. Yes, everyone made a mistake, doesn't mean the mistake will harmed your forever. I love my books, VERY much (cuba untuk ikhlas).


Am sorry for those who felt threatening with the previous post. It just a humble opinion that doesn't mean to make difficulty for any of you. I have no intention to ban myself from involving any activities. I also have no intention to take over your management as you mentioned previously. This is a BLOG to spit my anger without involves with anyone. (My bad. Should not mention EVER the word of MARKETEERS. Sensitive issue I guess. No offense). However, am not sorry for the suggestion I gave, for the lack activities I mentioned, for the poor management of the club. Why? That was a reality that you have to accept. A good leader will not devastating with the opinion given by others. I will respect you if you respect the members. =)


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