Crazy to Cry


I have to admit, it was a pressure this evening. I try to calm myself, but then I go crazy in the room. I try to remain cool, at the end the cold outside has burnt me inside. I tried. Finally, the patient has lost and the tears have tired of waiting.

Then, the record began right after the tears dropping by and say hi to me. So, I hied it back, hi! Sigh.

This semester was the toughest semester I guess. So many things and so much things (macam sama je?). I try not to cry, to show how cool am I, how tough am I being around everyone and everybody. But Allah is fair enough to show He is the Almighty and the toughest in universal. I should remind me that.

Yeah, I cried. My hearts beating me very hard and I lost control. So, that is how it works. I hope everything will be fine tomorrow. Although I know, it can't be better enough to save the day. I ruined it? Or, I ruined my friends?

Yeah, am busted. Sorry guys. Sorry I ruined everything. What we have planned is just a dream. I lost my mood, I lost my day, and I lost a trust.

Pengajarannya, just be prepared for any good or bad news.

Jadi jangan tanya kenapa aku tiada esok!

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