Segamat is a to face the stress to study to have fun to meet friends to enjoy foods to laugh out loud to condemn others to trick friends to sleep well to keep anger inside to miss the family to stay over night to watch Dexter to watch Tentang Dhia to watch football match to make fun of others to fight with whoever may concern to drive anywhere you want to eat burger to eat nasi goreng ikan masin to eat the kaw-kaw sup campur to hang out at The Bean Cafe to enjoy with lots of assignments (I love) to.. there are so many things to do at Segamat, but I cannot figure out more, so please do me the favor.

Yes, I enjoy my life at Segamat. Please congrats to me for surviving my whole life for 4 years already at Segamat. Segamat di hatiku. I love you Segamat, please don't break my heart. Keep my pointer above 3 will you. Eh? Can I have more, above 3.5 ok? Thank you Segamat. You are my hero.

Well, you should thank to  Allah for the life you earned at Segamat. Thank you Allah for giving me such a precious moment for about 4 years already. There are sweet and sour moment that won't easily dumped away from your life. I owe You so much things already, dear Allah. How can I pay?

Please accept my duty. Accept my sincerity. Accept my apology. Accept my action. Accept my intention.

Dear Allah, I love you so much. Although I've been struggling deep inside my heart, I've been hoping a miracle will held to my life, I've been hurting with so much pain, BUT I know You will never ever let me down. You promise us, there will be a brighten moment to every mankind with patience, and am here waiting for that moment. Thank You Allah for such a great life You gave to me.

I repeat, going back to Segamat is not a happy moment to face. However, every single second I live at Segamat was a valuable moment to remain in heart.

Can I not going back to Segamat for sometimes?

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