Just figured. My eyes were not in very good condition. Tak tahu kenapa lately mata macam ada masalah. Don't know whether my itchy problem affect my eyes or not. It's quite frustrating though. Satu hari ni rasa mengantuk je macam lama sangat tak dapat tidur. Walhal I've had enough sleeping already. Sigh.

Am a bit worried since my eyes became dim, and the power is rising from time to time. Do I have to buy a spec or not? Duh! Something small like this always drag me to think more and more. The question is, do I have to wear the spec? Figures.

Our class extended till next week and that's why am still at home resting myself like am on holiday as Diploma students. Well I guess. although we don't have class for the whole weeks, we still need to replace the classes. Its a must since we paid RM200 for the subjects, what do you expect? Mestilah we want better service and well result at the end. It's not our fault to begin with why the class was not start yet, it was the lecturer told the HEA to tell us that she won't be at Segamat for the whole weeks. It's not her fault either for dismissing herself from the class since she probably got something else to attend importantly than the classes, so let cheer ourselves. No need to blame anyone.

Am still thinking of finding a job at Segamat. Kalau boleh, nak duduk dekat Segamat until September. Am not sure whether am capable to do it or not since am still on searching for a right job. Thinking of asking UPK or HEP or HEA if they got any vacancy to be filled temporary. Tapi, it's kind of funny to ask just like that. I don't even have any kind of friend inside the teams. Apa-apapun wish the best for me.

Insyaallah am going back to Segamat on Sunday or Monday. Hopefully everything will be fine, run smoothly and learn with the beauty heart. Sometimes, am a bit disappointed with the friends, so-called friend =) but hey, that's why Allah told us to hang on HIM in anykind situation that may harm our heart. Kausar, hang in yourselves will you?


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