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I was thinking just now, is it wrong to go cinema? I will answer after I got the answer.


Life's getting tougher lately, yes that's what my friend said in her FB when I asked about her emotional lately being up side down. I was enduring myself from being drowned by the comfort zone surrounding me. Plus, my eyes, my itchiness, its all getting painful. Just bear myself.

Sigh. Everyone is getting married and that was the most irritating news to be heard but still happy for them. My single friends are getting lesser from time to time. Maybe am gonna be the last person to get married among the schoolmates. Hehe. Please, its not some kind of a wish, but avoidance.

Some friends asking me how to improve their english. It's not that am really good and excellent with this second language tongue. Somehow, I could suggest a way to help our english better. You don't need a lingua phone to help you better since lingua phone need an effort from yourselves to be good which I believe it is not something we would be able to maintain until it changed fluently. Just relax and learn from your routine.

First, listen an english song. Don't just listen, but understand every lyrics.

Second, listen english FM. Fly FM, or Red FM, or Traxx FM or any other channel. Avoid listening malay channel very much. Useless.

Third, watch english movie without malay subtitle. Listen carefully and understand every words they said.

Fourth, watch other language movie/drama with english subtitles. Learn from the subtitles how to make a good sentence.

Fifth, dictionary everywhere. Do not ashame of using dictionary when you did not understand the words. This could adding up your vocabulary which I believe everyone is lacking.

Sixth, build a blog and write in english. Do not use manglish (malay + english), have respect to the languages.

Seventh, list down difficult words and figure out the meaning. although it just a simple word that everyone should know but it seem like you are the only person did not know the meaning. Still, jot it down. Jangan malas!

Eighth, use google translator as it is the best tool to help you find the meaning of the word. HOWEVER! Do not EVER copy your sentence and paste it in google translate and translate it directly. I won't approve that way of learning english, that is the lousy and lazy things to do.

Ninth, speak english with your friends.

Tenth, lets pray for the success. Allah will guide you and give strength by the doa you made.

Arigato! Wassalam.

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Maryam said...

mahu komen dalam bahasa melayu... manglish yang macam mana tu? hehe..

akak jenis tak baca buku-buku dalam bahasa inggeris (kecuali buku teks) dan tak dengar radio. cumanya bila bergaul dengan masyarakat antarabangsa, satu sikap mereka yang akak discover; BERANI.

ya, mereka berani menggunakan bahasa inggeris. grammar, pronounciation, vocab, semua letak tepi. diorang ni ada yang datang dengan tak tahu english langsung. jadi, nak taknak kenalah guna bahasa inggeris..

jadi kepada pembaca, paling atas sekali kena berani guna bahasa tu. sistem pendidikan malaysia ni belajar english dari tadika lagi, sepatutnya dah banyak vocab tau. :D

Kay J said...

manglish campur2kan english melayu which will not improve english sangat. (hah macamnilah) kalau boleh, cari word tu dalam english, then there u go, u got another vocab to learn.

berani, yes! absolutely right kak maryam. sometimes peep afraid to be laughed when they speak. mungkin lack of respect among malaysian kot, that's y kita MALU nak bercakap inggeris.

when i was in UK a few years ago, i was one of the tiny little girl who hate english very much. its a burden. so, nak cakap english something difficult to me. but then, dah sampai UK u have no choice but to speak up. tonggang terbalik grammar vocab semua mmg hentam je. they won't laughing, ever. they have morality to respect other people, but kita dekat malaysia, walaupun ada agama, it so rare to apply what we learned.

added up: brave =)