Dreaming & Planning


Today, I realized something. Am going to be 24 within a few weeks. 24! It's a big number to figure how old actually you are. But then, watching the students surrounding me, although they are a final year students, most of them at least 23 years old, one year younger than me. Hehe! But me? Living in the class with 22 years old bunches, so scary. Haha! I found that am younger than them, in certain part I have to take a role as a sister. Immature, yes that's the word for those bunches.

So, here I am. Still figuring, what am I doing here? Further my study which was not actually my tool to get the target. The same dreaming is still clouding over my head. Am I gonna make it? Well, to achieve the dream, you have to make an adjustment when you figure something else that may help you go and get the dream easier(?) or quicker(?). Well, am near to it, just imagine like I was nearby when actually it was far a way from nearing my future at all. Just keep on dreaming. At least I have a dream to bring up the result of hardworking today, study and study. One day, I will appreciate the moment I spent with the books.

Ok, so I am old. People around me saying am not a teenagers anymore, so don't act like one. Haha. 24 is just a number ok, so am just being myself and not pretending to be someone else. If you think am changing, that mean you missed something about me. Yes! There are something else you did not see part of me.

Seeing those bunches have no idea what are they really want, remind me the time I spent with some friends and discuss what actually we really want after finishing our Diploma. Its a tough decision to make either to further study, or get an experience on working first before continue it. Well, I decided to hold my Degree and try to find a job. It was no easy, very-very-very difficult nowaday for a company to hire a person with no experience working. Yes, my pointer above 3 but that does not give me any extra mark to be hired. Yes, I am an active students at university, I joint many activities, I do this and that, but still it does not help you get closer with their choice. Just try your best, that's the advice. Keep on searching and searching.

After 8 month working, then I realized am not suitable working in this environment. Sitting in the office, working with computer, it so bored. I have no life, working with something dead. So, I decided to choose another way, further my study until Master. I pray and pray, asking for opinion and so on. Its not an easy decision to make. Everyone asking, why do I have to choose a hard way. I already got a job, I might be offered to work over there permanently. Yes, that's true. But this is not what I want, it is no fun working at the place that not close to our heart. We cannot feel the attachment between ourselves and the job. Something is missing, it satisfaction. Money will not give you any satisfaction although your income is excessing the maximum level.

Ok, let see where am I gonna go after 2 years with the Degrees. 2 years? Now, not really 2 years since the semester break is changing. Gonna finish around January 2013, by the time I was 26? Haha! Disaster jugalah, I shoud be finished before 26, but then Allah plan is better. So, follow the rules and adjustments with open heart. And smile =)

Product Management and E-Commerce round the corner. Let focus on that first.

Good luck folks. Wassalam.

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Miftahul Jannah said...

hehe dear :) i'm sure you have more than a dream :)