2 papers


I've been resting about 2 hours now. Maybe more than that?

2 papers actually are killing me. Confused which to study first, and cannot stop thinking how am I gonna face 2 reading papers in one day? It's not something that you can 'goreng-goreng' add some spicy and sort of, but it need facts. Somehow, I get bored.


Everything has been packed up. I'll get home straight away after E-Com paper. It's about 5.30 pm. Clearance already done. I guess, its only the papers need to be done. I already studied Product Management, so I guess I would revise it back tomorrow morning before the paper.

Could not believe this happen to our batch.

Okay, I've been emotionally last night. Maybe it's called stress? Or maybe, tired? May Allah bring happiness to me. May Allah give strength to me. Am still holding my breath to satisfy everyone, if that can make people smile and happy.

College is nearly empty. Finance students, ISB students, they finished their paper already. Why Marketing students are always being left behind? Grateful for that. I left alone tonight in this wing, so I guess it would be a silent night for me.

Jom belajar E-Commerce, dah dapat spot.


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