Just Misses

I tried to recall their name, but I could not. Unless, I met them in Malaysia.

It was started here. Walsall, Birmingham.

Then we ate anything they prepared for us.

There were the kids in the evening. They learnt about Islam.

We prayed 5 times a day, so humble. As we were chose to be here.

And this was the person who open my eyes, and hearts. Indirectly. Funny he is.

I wish the strength will hold me tight, until I understand what is LIFE? But..

It was ended with frustration. I cried for the whole life, why I could not feel the sweet, but the sour sorrow surround. I cried for the rest of it, why I've been left?

But Allah will always loves me for the rest of my life.

Although, it so funny to think that I was not good enough to be in this path with those who were better than me, I believe Allah has planned something better than this. The past was not created to be left, but it was a teacher who force you to learn, and improvise yourself.

Now I felt the sweetness of Islam after a few years, after years by years, after I know without deep understanding, after person by person I met, then you can call it Tarbiyah. The first time, not always be ended with happy ending.

Then, I choose to be here, with the sisters. At this time, I was not sure the ending yet.

For naqib/ah out there, please take good care of your brothers/sisters. One day, they'll felt left behind just because a little misunderstood over your act. And they will cry over and over, just I did.

May Allah guide us on the right path.

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