I Owe You


Aku tidak berjaya membuat apa-apa hari ni sebab adikku ini pakai kereta. Hampeh. Tetapi, alhamdulillah. I managed to contact with several people upon my house at Segamat. Well, MY HOUSE was refer to - I want it to be my house but yet it needs to consider several thing before I can approve it to be my house.

Texting and calling. Asking and searching. Analysing and comparing. One whole day, and it didn't turn out so well. One of the house that really suit for 5 of us turned to be already rented by students 2 days ago. 2 DAYS ago? So, we were late 2 days. Why on earth I didn't think about asking about the house earlier? Oh well, I just knew that I'll have 5 house-mates just today. So, no wonder. I mean, it so-so-so unbelievable we didn't get the house. It was a big house. One person each room? Massive! And of cause it was a better place to organize any event or meeting the sisters and so on.

Tomorrow will do an MC as UiTM asked for it. Just do it, do not babbling so much.

I feel so much better today. I mean today, 29th December 2010. Not yesterday which it turns to be a horrible day for me. Haha! Well, it was even horrible one year ago I think. This was nothing. Allah knows best. I just read someone wrote about heart just now. And I agreed with the opinion, the speech, the articles. Well, Allah loves to advice us by anything that related or easily touched by our heart. I love reading. Read and read. Read again. There you are. Allah is telling you something. Open your heart and mind.

Thank you Allah, for always blessing me. I think You are very close to me, day by day. And I love YOU so-so-so much and I cannot describe how my life had thought me so many things that nobody could understand.


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