She The Friend


I posted this in the evening. Suddenly, the streamyx gone crazy and dumped by the users of this house and it sulk the whole evening. Maybe my friend was the guilty one and it crazy longer than others. Please, don't read it. Only watch and listen! (as if). 

I have a friend. She is a friend of mine. I am her friend. We were friend since 2007. I guess you can calculate by yourself how long we've been together, as a friend. 

She's kind and thoughtful. She love to laugh. She love to smile. She likes to help others. She is an open minded person. Everyone loves her as who she is, but sometimes she just didn't realize how powerful she is in any friendship she had so far. People just too ignorant about friendship and we just don't think its necessary to tell every friends we had that we really love and miss them so much.

Do you love your friends my readers? Sincere? Really

She changed her layout. So, I eager to change my layout too. The old layout just so out dated, for me. This new layout probably was out dated too, for you. Who cares, my eyes telling me its new and its okay.

I feel the sadness inside hers and I just don't feeling right about letting her burden herself with the feelings on her own. She just torturing herself, inside. Don't get migraine again will you?

Life is fair enough. It was us who didn't or sometimes we cannot make a wise decision so. Just don't let the decision harm you more inside. You'll be mentally ill afterwards if you keep all the emotions inside over and over. No, please don't keep it too deep. Its hurting. although I am not the one with the grunge but I am trying to understand how hurt the life you've been through until this moment.

Let your smile shining again like the last time I saw you. Let your spirit be still with you until the heaven touched your soul. Living peace with your books, is not a promise to be peaced forever. Getting rich forever, cannot buy a happiness that everyone dreamed of. However, do get it for the sake of Islam and don't ever twist the purpose for the sake of your love ones. Get blessed by the right purpose.

No more tears, okay? Love you my dearest friend.

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