Download Nasyid


I was once help my readers or any strangers lost in my blog to download any nasyid they might need or want or desire or any feel that indescribable by others.

So now, I started back after remain silent from it since my hard disk unable to be detected by the PUBLIC computer in this house. Yet, I got a new friend became a good friend to my hard disk to help me to help you to get the nasyid to be listened TOO.

Okay, explore it! You'll find it somewhere in this blog.

Oh, and I am allowing you to request any nasyid that might be saved in my pocket. So, don't hesitate to shout silently here. =)

Eid Mubarak!

1 Shreks:

maryam abu ahmad said...

salam k,
ini sangat best... :)
suka.. walaupun illegal.. hehe